Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year, New me.

                                                            Happy New Year!!!
                                         I have 5 new year's resolutions this year

1) Be a better blogger and try to put up a least 3posts a week.

2) Quit procastinating. I have so many planned projects and ideas that havn't seen the light of day and my excuse is usually the fact that i work 6 sometimes 7 days a week.

3) Work less,Travel more. I swear i worked like crazy last year it was insane. I only left Lagos thrice all year, and one of those times was even work related.

4) Network more. I get invited to quite a lot of events but most times i'd rather just stay home, not very productive behavior considering the industry i'm in.

5) This one is kind of personal. lets just say it has to being better with my relationships with people.

              Here are a couple of pictures from last year i found in my drafts that never made it to proper posts.

  Fedora- H&M
white tee- random
pink jeans - denim co
black sneakers - cant remember
black necklace - divas
 silver earring worn as ring - retrospective
watch - moschino

                                                                     tank top - random
shorts- mango
Jelly shoes - miss selfridge
raffia hat - bought on the beach

white shirt - dad's
grey pants - river island
pearl nexklace - divas 
jellly shoes - miss selfridge
watch - Moschino


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