Get to Know Us!

What do you do?

Chechi: Although I have a degree in and Msc in architecture, I'm a fashion designer and own my own women's wear label Chechi Arinze. I also work as a creative director of fashion shows and fashion related events.

Kelz: I'm a full time student.

How long does it take for you to get dressed every morning?

Chechi: about an hour
Kelz: 30mins if I set out my clothes the night before, 1hr+ if I didnt.

One accessory you can't live without ?
Chechi: My rings
Kelz: I cant think of one thing

Shoes or bags?

Chechi: shoes def!

kelz: shoes

I would never be caught dead wearing . . .

Chechi: 'invisible' bra straps and uggs

Kelz: Harem pants!

Who is your style inspiration?

Chechi: Serena (gossip girl) and the Olsen twins

Kelz: I want to be as Chic as Victoria Beckham, as care free as Beyonce and as bad ass as Rihanna sans bare boobies.

Vampire diaries or True blood?
Chechi: Vampire Diaries
Kelz: None! anything with vampires in it is daft, Bella and her boyfriends included.

Horror, thriller, Action or funny movies? 

Chechi: thriller

Kelz: Action movies! the bloodier the better!

How did you come about your blog name? 

it's our surname 'Arinze' spelt backwards.

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  1. Awwwww. I wanna sister. On second thoughts -maybe not - don't want to share my clothes.


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