Monday, 11 November 2013

The New Uniform


Saturday, 8 June 2013

Show some skin

show some skin

show some skin by chechi-a featuring an enamel bracelet

Yo! So i'm getting so much better at this polyvore thing, i even know how to add serenren with some back ground tinz u know, and some text, lol. Anyway this is my ideal outfit for a fashion event or a night on the town i think its more sophisticated that just wearing "bum shorts" or a bandage skirt but you're still showing some skin. It's so grown and sexy.

H M jersey shirt
$23 -

Casadei stiletto pumps

Patent handbag

KENNETH JAY LANE chunky ring
$87 -

Black drop earrings

A V Max enamel bracelet

A V Max enamel bracelet

Benefit sheer makeup


Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Big Chop

I recently chopped off my hair, like i literally woke up by 2am grabbed a pair of scissors and chopped it off. My mum almost cried when she woke up in the morning and saw the damage.  I've been wanting to cut it for year but i didn't have the courage to and to be honest i was worried that people would no longer find me attractive. So anyway i chopped it off and then went to the salon the next day to have it 'neatened' up.

Skater Dress- Chechi Arinze
Crotchet waistcoat - Collctibles
Belt - Can't Remember
Shoes - Qupid
Manicure - Wow (@ The Palms)

The initial reaction wasn't exactly positive i must confess. I got a lot of "Why did You cut your hair, what's the matter!!!", "it makes you look 'somehow' " and the worst "are you sure u'll find a husband this". laaal. Nigerians have no chill whatsoever!
Anyway it appears with the hair came a new attitude because for some reason i really couldn't be bothered about other peoples opinions. I love my new hair, i think it reflects my personality and other than the fact that people tend to stare a bit more than usual i really havnt noticed any differences in the way people treat me.

It's so funny 3weeks on, people now walk up to me to say they love my haircut and want to know where i had it done.

I'm not Sure how long this phase will last but i'm loving so far. Only downside is i think it makes me look even younger, what do you think guys am i just being paranoid?


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Hip Hop Queen

urban culture

urban culture by chechi-a featuring topshop

Hey guys, i've become obsessed with polyvore lately, spend all my free time coming up with different outfit combos and dreaming of owning every single piece! It also helps me come up with what to wear and decide if certain things will go. This is my take on a ladylike urban look, kinda like how i think Nicki Minaj should be dressing instead of the crazy leopard leggings. you like?


Friday, 10 May 2013

The Making2 ft Chechi Arinze.

So last year i got selected to be part of a competition called "The Making' We got to have free photo shoots done for our collections and then the pictures where to be put on different online magazines. This isn't  actually a collection, i just put together different looks i had at the time as it was a bit impromptu, hope you like the pictures there's a bit of flower power going on hehe. can't believe how much I've progressed in terms of design from where i started. To find out more about The Making go here

This week i got to style and design clothes for a really big Tv commercial. It was such a stressful day, the shoot didn't wrap till 4am! like i totally have a new found respect for all the models and artists who have to shoot videos every other month it's not all fun and games at all. Anyway i'm so excited about it! I'll be sure to post the video here once the commercial airs. Share

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Kelechi's 21st

 I went to Luton on Friday to attend my baby cousin's 1st birthday party. It was on Saturday (my birthday) so i slept over on Friday night to help with the party. I woke up to this cake, my cousin and her husband thoughtfully got for me. Double chocolate, yummy.

 Me and J-boy. He is such a cute and happy baby. Throughout my time in Luton, he didn't cry once.

My darling friend Dubem decided to host a dinner for me. I had no idea at the time it was meant to be a surprise. So she and my friend Marlene, got together and made a false Facebook event page for me whilst everyone was planning and scheming on another page without my knowledge. I kinda suspected something was going on because Marlene would get so flustered whenever I asked the most basic questions about the dinner. Anyway, the plan was for everyone to decline, but then show up and surprise me at the dinner. They were all replying with things like 'sorry cant make it, have a wedding to attend', 'i'm not gonna be in London this weekend sorry' only for my friend Idris (listen to his music here) to reply 'im off to Kazakhstan for the weekend' LOL really? Then I had this conversation with my friend in Nigeria. 
R: Hey babe, what are you doing on Saturday?
Me: Oh Dubem is hosting a dinner for me
R: How do you know about the dinner?
Me: She told me.
R: I thought it was supposed to be a surprise? well I guess plans changed.
I didn't say anything to anyone though because I thought it was so cute that they cared enough to make the effort and I didn't want to curb their enthusiasm. Regardless, it was an amazing day for me and Im so happy everyone took time out of their busy exam revision schedules to celebrate with me. I love all of you guys and I'm grateful to have friends like you. xxxx

  How fab is Ayotunde's Zara coat?
After the dinner we went off to Maddox club, but our party was way to big so my friends promoter decided to take us to this supposedly good club, he ended up taking us on a tour because he didn't have a clue where he was going and halfway through the 'tour' of Mayfair his phone (which he was using as a guide) stopped working. It's actually funny now, but then I not a happy bunny. Staggered to Anaya, music was shit, drinks were way unreasonably priced. Anaya club management if you just happen to be reading this post (because you know, have nothing better to do) FIRE YOUR DJ! scraps. I didn't let that ruin my night though. I had an amazing time.

My dress is from asos and my purse was a christmas gift from my family friend.


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Urban Culture

Been feening for a snap back for the past couple of months, finally got one last weekend. I blame it on all the ratchet music I've been listening to lately. Honestly all i have to do is hear 'they ask me what i do and who i do it for' and I'm on my feet popping, my friends are getting worried.  Juicy j, 2chainz, Future......u name it, i love em all x_x.
 Anyway my friend just got back from America and she got me these really cute hi-tops, so i decided to christen them yesterday.
She sha gisted me about how she wore her's with a peplum top instead of the usual sporty stuff, tried it out with an ankara twist and i can't lie peeps where definitely all up in my grill because of this outfit! Coincidentally today is her birthday. all i want for my birthday is a big....HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAINAB!!! aka Zbaby aka Zee of Life!. luv Ya!
                                                               Check on it!

and errm if you would like to order my peplum top you can email, it comes in size 8, 10 and 12. Fabric may vary. You can also like us on Facebook ChechiArinze to get more updates.

Doing the 'running man'.... give them! lol

Peplum Top - Chechi Arinze
Skinny Jeans - Random
hi-tops - Sketchers
Snap Back - Nike
Wristwatch - Moschino
Necklace - Vintage
Arm Party - Mixture

P.S I recently got featured on a style blog called Metrogypsie. check out my style feature here