Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Big Chop

I recently chopped off my hair, like i literally woke up by 2am grabbed a pair of scissors and chopped it off. My mum almost cried when she woke up in the morning and saw the damage.  I've been wanting to cut it for year but i didn't have the courage to and to be honest i was worried that people would no longer find me attractive. So anyway i chopped it off and then went to the salon the next day to have it 'neatened' up.

Skater Dress- Chechi Arinze
Crotchet waistcoat - Collctibles
Belt - Can't Remember
Shoes - Qupid
Manicure - Wow (@ The Palms)

The initial reaction wasn't exactly positive i must confess. I got a lot of "Why did You cut your hair, what's the matter!!!", "it makes you look 'somehow' " and the worst "are you sure u'll find a husband this". laaal. Nigerians have no chill whatsoever!
Anyway it appears with the hair came a new attitude because for some reason i really couldn't be bothered about other peoples opinions. I love my new hair, i think it reflects my personality and other than the fact that people tend to stare a bit more than usual i really havnt noticed any differences in the way people treat me.

It's so funny 3weeks on, people now walk up to me to say they love my haircut and want to know where i had it done.

I'm not Sure how long this phase will last but i'm loving so far. Only downside is i think it makes me look even younger, what do you think guys am i just being paranoid?


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