Sunday, 22 January 2012

January Sales: ZARA

Ok so I promised I wasn't going to buy anything this month, I'm supposed to be saving up for a holiday but oh well I couldn't resist, walked into zara to get just the bag. I fell in love with it, after seeing it on Shirley's Blog but they had loads of items on sale so I ended up walking out with the cardigan and the shoes as well. tsk tsk
Carried this bag for like a week before I realised the flap was a cover as well  X_X

My friend and I got this cardigan love it, it's so warm, I wear it instead of a coat most of the time.

Green shoes finally!!! :D

and they are super comfortable.

Uni is just so stressful, plus I have to get a reliable person to take my pictures but I promise to blog more often! Have an awesome week ahead!! xoxo . . . Kelz Share


  1. Well jealous loving the shoes o_0 x

  2. awww Kelz, i bought those exact shoes too 2 days ago, great minds huh?
    they are uber comfortable.
    Love it when Zara does sales

  3. thank you! they were down to £12.99 i think, I was like O_O


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