Thursday, 9 February 2012

Camera, lights, action!!!

We shot the lookbooks for our new male and female collections last week.  It was Crazy because we had three shoots in one week. It was also a lot of fun especially the shoot for the guys, we had so many cool concepts. I worked as the co-stylist for the female shoot with a really cool stylist Ify. and then i was the creative director for the Men's shoot. It was my first time acting as a creative director so i was a tad nervous but it was really cool. i can definately see myself doing more of that.

I'm such a Genius lol! Me creating one of the props for the shoot. dont worry you'll get it when i post the lookbook later on.
the models tobi and Kelvin(the 'lamba' king) dont ask, i have no idea what lamba means either.

Alex and tobi goofing around

Kelvin giving what i like to call his 'smokey eye' look

This is obinna, we scouted him a couple of days before the shoot by accident and surprisingly even though he isnt a model he agreed to do the shoot!

Crazy couple of days coming up, we have a show on sunday which i am in charge of as the boss is travelling. Wish me luck guys!


  1. Can't wait to c d lookbook.I cn imagine,wiv a genius like u in d mix.lmao.makus

  2. Nice! Can't wait 2 c the look book myself most especially becos of that tobi model she's cute!!!

  3. awww thanks guys, i'll post it really soon.


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