Sunday, 12 February 2012

Short shorts

So a couple of sundays ago my mum and i decided to have a girls day out and we ended up at LPM, for some reason this post has been sitting in my drafts doing nothing. Anyway i didn't really buy much apart from a couple of accessories, jelly beans from cam cam sweets and the delish sweet kiwi yoghurt, i swear i could live on that yoghurt alone! Even though i didn't buy any clothes, i was really impressed by some of the designers especially Eclectic by Sasha.

i love the bracelet with the mock tooth makes me feel very earthy.
Probably searching for my keys

This beautiful crotchet mullet waistcoat from COLLECTIBLES has become one of my favorite items of clothing, i wear it almost every week!

My mum always gets me to do the wierdest poses when she acts as my photog. Slipons belong to kelz and are fromTOPSHOP
Made this ankara tote out of my mum's old scarf and now everyone wants one, even the boys!!!
bought this FAB tutankamen ring at the ENE MAYA STORE, i'm obsessed with egyptian history and architecture so i practically died when i saw this ring!


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