Monday, 13 February 2012

Little red riding hood

Doing my 'it's so cold I'm freezing' dance

This is actually the second time i'm wearing this cape since I got it in summer last year, I set out looking to buy a regular red coat, then I found this. It reminded me of little red riding hood, so I decided to get it. My friend got one as well. It looks so nice and all but when it comes to warmth, USELESS. As I was walking on the road I kept thinking please God I can't afford to catch a cold. Cold was just attacking me from different angles, left right AND center. The next time I wear this coat I shall be slapping some robb on my chest and I shall have thermal wear underneath. Fashion is not for the weak.

And then I hit my dougie

Timberland Women's Welfleet Wellington
Multi-chain necklace I got from palms about 3yrs ago.

Have an awesome week, 


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