Saturday, 25 February 2012

Boring Saturday

Lipstick Topshop beguiled , Sunglasses Carolina Herrera Headband Claires

So I'm going to have brunch then I'm off to the library to get work done. On a Saturday? yhup, I'm such a dead babe I know. Anyway took these pictures with my webcam because friend decided to jet around Europe instead of staying in London this reading week to take my pictures. priorities! SMH  they actually look better than my camera pictures though . . . I think. Anyway it's been soo warm this week! Loving it! Anyone copped their WTT tickets? oohhhhhhh Chris Brown and Rihanna? yay?!! nay??

Cardigan Liv, Scarf Stole from Uchechi :D 
Ring Dorothy Perkins or New Look :s Nailpolish Rimmel Rose Libertine

Fuji Cabbage!!!

xoxo Kelz



  1. U look hot babe,how u doing,keep d street style alive,we are watching swtlly.

  2. ha ha! that ring is awesome

  3. @like, whatever, thank you!


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