Wednesday, 7 November 2012


I decided I was looking too pretty and not scarey enough. So I slapped on some white face paint. 
Put on my feather necklace that Uchechi gave me last year. Swans, birds, feathers . . . It's all in the details. :D

Geisha and Wednesday Adams.

errr Kelz, black swan doesn't have claws . . .

The shame . . .

Thats more like it!

My friend Seun had an awesome Halloween Party at her flat. Flat party of life! I decided to go as the black swan simply because being Igbo, I wasn't about to buy a costume for just one night. So I painted my face and viola! black swan. Loads of cool outfits and laughs. Haven't had that much fun at a house party in a while.  What did you do for halloween?


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