Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Kelechi's 'Whats in my bag'

Hi guys! sorry for the break. I am now back in Lagos to spend Christmas with my family. I left days before school closed so i had to rush my essays before leaving, speed shop and pack for Nigeria. Got to Lagos ready to blog, THE HEAT!! Like i don't even get it, it wasn't like this last year. To top it off i got an instant cold and i've been plagued with it for a week now. I didn't want to abandon the blog for too long so i decided to take a cue from my favourite youtubers and do a 'whats in my bag post'. An outfit post is totally out of the question as i am covered in mentholated dusting powder as I type because of heat rash. I loved this bag from the moment my mum bought it. Now many, many many years later she finally let me rock it. Cerrutti isn't popular in Lagos so people can't be like "OMG that bag is like soooo 10 years ago" (in annoying cool FM presenters' accent. u know now, that annoying 'I just got back from the states' accent)

I never really have much to put in my bag when I'm in Lagos, because I don't drive, work or school here. Most of them are just girlie things I can actually do without but that I've convinced myself I need.

Body Shop Lip Butter I love the body-shop's Chocomania collection. smells so yummy.
Boots almond body butter For moisturising on the go, as I have very dry skin and can't carry my big bottle of coco butter with me.
Lolita Lempika perfume Stole this from my mama. Love it. I'm usually a daisy by Marc Jacobs girl, but I've run out.
Dental Floss I never plan for  eBar's nkwobi. One must always be prepared.
Miss sporty lipstick in Malaga For touch ups. I don't have any other miss sporty thing, and i don't even think of them to be perfectly honest but I love this shade and it smells divine. Best lipstick scent of all time. 
Chanel eyeshadow set I use this as a mirror when I'm out. Hi look at me, I have a Chanel mirror, I'm fancy! ;)

Ted Baker Wallet Got this as a birthday present. Love.
Blackberry Charger My blackberry's battery is wack. enough said.
Oyster card and University ID Even though I don't need these in Lagos, I carry them about.
Blackberry Torch, iPod touch and iPhone5 My phones are obviously for communication; bbm, twitter, instagram etc and I'm always listening to music to ward off random people. They just like to talk to me for some reason. (iPhone not in photo because I was using it to take the pictures)
James Patterson's The 5th Horseman Haven't started yet but I adore James Patterson and I never know when I might have to wait for somebody or get stuck in 3hr Ozumba traffic.




  1. awww nice. please how do you get to use your iphone5 in naija? you unlocked it in jand? cant use mine :(

    1. Im not using mine for anything other than taking pictures because its locked. I had to call orange to send me an unlocking code but it will take 20days! for a fee of £20. You're better off using a cheap fone and hooking up to WIFI when u can or try unlocking it at computer village @ saka tinubu, VI.


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