Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Yay! My First Post....Finally!!!

Can't believe i've finally started my fashion blog!!! Been talking about doing this for ages but i just havn't been able to get round to it. Anyway i was inspired by my sister kelechi's blog and fashion stylist onyinye's blog to get off my bum and start mine.
My name is Uchechi Arinze and i'm fresh out of design school, i studied architecture. i've always been fascinated with arts and crafts, architecture, fashion..... basically everything artsy. I guess i should have known that fashion was my calling all along considering the fact that growing up my mum ran a fashon design outlet and i was always stealing scraps of fabric to make clothes for my barbies , i even dabbled with jewelry making for a while but for some reason........ i chose architecture.

Styling my friends, family and especially my sister has always been a hobby of mine but it wasn't until the 1st year of my master's programme that i stumbled on something that would change the course of my life.It was the Ad for a fashion competition in City People Magazine hosted by london based nigerian Fashion Designer Ade Bakare.

Why i decided to enter for it i have no idea considering i had no formal training in fashion anyway i submitted my designs and was shortlisted as one of the ten finalists and long story short at the end of the competition i was the 1st runner up! I was so surprised because everyone there had more experience than i did, some even had stores already!

Between then and now i've designed clothes for quite a few people i even did the costumes for the Vagina Monologues play which showed at Terra Kulture in Lagos last easter.

I finally got done with my crazy architecture course in november last year and i've since enrolled in a dress making academy (you'll be reading a lot of rants about the frustrations of couture clothes making pretty soon lol). This is all about me, my aspirations, inspirations, interests and generally my transition from architecture to fashion. xoxo

I wore this dress last christmas to a fashion show called M.A.D it was all about raising money for charity through fashion, i made this dress last christmas it's the 1st dress i ever made myself and i loooove it! Share


  1. OMG! I didn't know you had all these achievements under your belt ( a few thousand naira never hurts). Haha! Next time, can you pls let me know when something that grand happens in your life so we can celebrate with you. But seriously, I am proud to know you and when you make it big, I can be like " I know that girl". Haha! But I always knew you had it in you though. And all the best with your future endeavours. Your blog is interesting an am looking forward to reading more. I might be asking you for fashion advice in the near future.
    p.s: you need to hook a sista up bcos that African print dress is beautiful.

  2. Linda sweetie!! thanks, i'll definately keep you posted on events and the ankara dress. :D

  3. Really excited that u finally started ur fashion blog. u know m ur No 1 fan!!! when eva u need me, i'll b thr with my PomPoms ready2give u support. Nice One b....Plus, thats a HOTT pic & HOTT dress yo!! *Insert naughty smiley*

  4. YAAY!! That's my sister!! (As Nigerians would say, same mother, same father). Can't believe you've finally started! Its great!

    Love You :*

  5. awww thanx guys *sniff, sniff*. happy you all seem to like the dress n the blog! meanyle @tunmise i hope ur planning on wearing d mini cheerleader skirt too to go with the pom poms!

  6. I fink d dress is hawt n sexy...chic.! U kinda inspire me ooo!! I have to make my dream of making tshirt come true mehn!! Keep up the good work! Winks

  7. yes ooooo!!!! proud to say i am one of the pioneer rockers of Eznira fashion.The world is waiting for you,New york fashion week here she comes>>>>>>>

  8. ofcourse b.....complete with your name spelt on the rear area...hahahahahaha!!

  9. @Mcsvelte thanx! sha let me know when u'r going to seychelles

    Ike!!! yes oh including the ones i forced u 2 wear!

    @2mi :p

  10. Nice one. Hope to hear all about your joys n frustrations in another design


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