Saturday, 19 February 2011

Inspiration in times of boredom!

On the way to 'school' yesterday i spotted a set of grey 'Opia' beads in the window of a store and ofcourse i had to buy them (have i mentioned that i'm an accessories junkie) anyway lesson today was sooo boring! for some reason i just wasn't connecting with the work, all the pattern terms 'half back'  'center front'  'notching' just kept swimming in front of my eyes. Instead of doing my excerises for the day i got carried away by the scraps of ankara littering the floor and to the annoyance of my instructor i decided to spend the rest of the day playing with some cut offs and beads.

As i was feeling a bit lazy i just folded and scrunched up little squares of ankara and then bound it all with heavy duty glue and then i stuck on a round piece of felt to hide all the threads. I attached the hair comb with a needle and thread. You can find these combs at any arts and craft shop, mine is handmade.

I made this from three strips of ankara, i basically just braided it and then made a knot at one end and a loop at the other. :)

When i got home i decided to revamp my grey beads, yea i think it looks so much better now too!

P.s ; I've been thinking of doing a collection of  just bags, tee-shirts and accessories. more on that later!


  1. you know i am your number one fan without a doubt, the beads look awesome now

  2. I love it.!
    I am an accessories junky too!!
    So fab.

  3. @BBB Hehehe,thx! btw i'll be putting up a post by about you pretty soon.
    @Onyinye: thanx lav! nothn like a set of funky accessories to glam up an outfit!

  4. just went through your whole blog! love it! you designs are awesome. am following instantly!lol:)


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