Friday, 13 January 2012

DIY : Black ruffle Bib Necklace

. I dont know if you guys know what has been going on in Nigeria, but we've had a nation wide strike since Monday protesting the removal of Fuel subsidy(i.e fuel prices have practically doubled). I've been going crazy with boredom as i havnt been allowed to join the protests.
Decided to do my 1st DIY project of the year and it turned out FAB! I can't wait to rock it with a pristine white shirt

the pleated chiffon ruffle i used was gotten from the collar of my mum's old shirt but you can find similar materials at your local haberdashery
once you've attached the ruffle to the ribbon you can procede to sew or glue on stones, bows and buttons  with reckless abandon :D
Check it out!!!!!


  1. Nice blogg!!
    Would you mind following each other via bloglovin? :)

    Malin @

  2. Thank you!! We just followed you, nice blog btw :)

  3. One of my favourite things to do is, DIY projects, this bib necklace looks really cute.I love the pearls mixed with the black ruffles! great job :)


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