Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New year guys!!! Anyway i decided not to make any New Year's resolutions this year, just going to work hard and pray harder. So my best friend was in town for a couple of days last month and I spent time hanging out in her hotel room, gossiping till like 1am in the morning and eating mountains of food,  planning her bridal shower and generally having a fab girly time..

Wore this ankara shirt for the 1st time and i got so many rave reviews i think i'll be wearing it far more often. Face is quite pale because i had no make up on except for clear lip gloss.
i love these shoes so much, they are so practical! They make my feet look tiny, plus they kinda give me some extra swag when i walking, lol.

Shirt - Chechi Arinze
White Jeans - Mango
Belt - Primark
Boots - ROUGE
Necklace - Opia

If you would like to order this shirt just send an email to and we'll forward you the details. It costs just N7,000 and comes in a wide range of prints and colors.


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