Thursday, 3 January 2013

so Fresh and so Green

Green hasn't been one of my favorite colors for years but as i looked through my closet this morning, i realized that i actually have a lot of green clothes and accessories. Anyway I'm off to do some grocery shopping for this new workout and diet programme i'm starting on Monday. It's called INSANITY and i hear it's crazy! Need to get rid of my pouchy belly so i can rock dem cropped tops and show off this bod come april! Have any of you tried it? What where your results?

This is one of my favorite necklaces, my Yaba lady whom i got it from has been on maternity leave for like.... forever! Ama need her to package herself and her baby and get to business Asapish!

Dress- random
Bag - Cococinelli
Shoes- Perspective
Earrings - bought from a stand at LPM.
Necklace - My Yaba woman


  1. Love the shoes! Goodluck with the diet. I should hop on that boat too asap

  2. You look lovely dear, I will join you in working out but maybe not insanity I hear it can be pretty rough, I am thinking of starting the thirty day shred.

  3. Hey Tonkabelle, thanks. I heard insanity is hard but I'm willing to try it, need to trim my belly fat this 2013


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