Saturday, 5 January 2013

Got the blues?

Rocking so many different shades of Blue today from my eyeliner to my skinny belt! Decided to chill out with the shoes. Been hunting for these brogues for weeks finally found them under the stairs. x_x. I love them so much, i've had them for two years and they'r still going strong.

Meanwhile i have a mini rant this morning, please is there anything particularly scandalous about my outfit? That's how i went somewhere this morning and this woman walks up to me and goes 'young lady are you comfortable in this your outfit' and i replied 'very, why?'. She didn't say anything but proceeded to stare pointedly at my legs. I'm just tired, if it's not busybodies helping you adjust your bra strap in public, its random women women not minding their business. I know my mother doesn't go about doing such so i don't know what's wrong with all these women. Anyway if you can't respect yourself, i will nicely put you in your place.

Jacket - Primark
Dress - random
Belt - Newlook
Brogues - Periwinkle
Bag -  D&G
Gold leaf hoops - Divas


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