Thursday, 19 May 2011

My A-Z of Trends Part 1

So my wardrobe has been looking a tad bleh-ish lately, haven't been feeling as  inspired as usual and i'm getting really tired of wearing Black all the time, Like seriously my closet has gotten so dark cuz of all the black clothes i own. So i've decided to start this thing where i go shopping for something different once a week. This is a list of trends i'm feeling right now to keep me on track and away from 'the black'.

Ankara & Adire

adire is one of my favorite fabrics/patterns. especially the ones that have this water color effect!

 the key with this look is to think free spirited chic not homeless lady. love her houlihans!

 for some reason a lot of people seem to be mixing this up with the lace trend......

i love bleached denim, dark blue denim, distressed denim.......i love denim! whenever i get new jeans i always distress my old one. it's pretty easy i usually just use a pen knife, a fine tooth comb and some hardware tools(don't ask) you have to wash them like twice before wearing tho, so they don't have that 'tailor lo run' look.


There's something about epaulettes that gives me a boost whenever i wear them. i feel a like boss!

Floral i love this DVF dress, probably because the background is black! :D

so i have always been afraid of rocking this trend because i assumed one had to be endowed in the bosom region to pull it off, but all these hollywood skinnies have given me inspiration. it's kind of hard to work this trend into your street style, but i'm thinking metallic jewelry, a jersey draped dress and some roman plaits should do the trick! now where am i going to find a jersey daped dress?!

Head bands, hats and turbans
i think the turbans speak for themselves


one of my favorite trends! i have to be careful not to cross over into emo territory tho...

 never really been a fan of these because they look like toys but ever since the marc jacobs jelly revival i've been sold!

seeing as i live in the tropics this trend is bang on! i love it because there are sooo many interpretations to it and you can dress it up or down.

i loooove lace! Any type of lace but i'm always scared of exposing too much flesh. Austrain lace is pretty big in Nigeria now so you can experiment with that too.

 err this trend is tricky, if you do not have ciara-esq abs pls steer clear! a good way for bigger girls to rock this look is to pair them with highwaisted pants or skirts. next on my shopping list is a fulani cropped top!

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