Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The FELA Experience!

The Broadway play FELA was recently staged in lagos, it's based on the life of a Nigerian Afro beat Musician and Activist and one of the biggest African Musical Icons. aaaanyway I got the chance to work backstage in the costumes department with a top Nigerian designer and some stylists.

The show was Fabulous and i got a chance to meet soooo many cool people, did i mention the dancers? Wow those dancers! or as they where called in the play 'The queens'.  I'll admit it was pretty stressful dressing them and having to remember all the different costume changes and que's. But it was all worth it as i got to play with the awesome custumes.

I put up a video from backstage where the dancers where letting off steam and having fun before they went on for their 1st act, the video is a tad random and sketchy because i used my phone, Hope you guys like it!

 This is Nicole, one of the 'queens' she's a FANTASTIC dancer, the way she moves her body you'd think she was born aand bed in naija!

              Me, Veno, jil(one of the choreographers), lawunmi and Joke the guys were MIA at this point. they'l probabaly kill me for putting this up seeing how tired we all look.
i look about 16 in this picture, anyway so i finally got to watch the play on the last day of the show and this is what i wore. the necklace once belonged to my mum and it's actually older than i am!

sweater: Random
skirt: Primark
belt: h&m
Watch: Moschino
Bag: Zara
Necklace: Monet



  1. awww thanks for the video
    glad u had fun
    i wish i saw fela sha

  2. :) you'r welcome, happy you liked the video. The play was awesome.


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