Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I'm Back

Hey guys so sorry i've been MIA for this long, some unknown person (i have my suspicions) dropped my laptop on the 1st day of Arise Fashion Week and it took a while to get it fixed.
So much has happened since i was here last, i worked as an intern/assistant during the fashion week which was totally fun, i got to meet soo many cool people and some not so cool people(bt we'l leave that one for another day). Had a realy FAB idea for a post about AMFW but it's been so long it's kinda out of context now so i'll just put up a couple of pictures of things/people that caught my eye during the fashion week.

Day 1

some of the interns i worked with, tosin, moi, choima n ala

                                                            Day 2
Forgot my camera at home today, felt like killing myself because JBL and Ituen Basi showcased their designs but i couldn't get any pictures! :(

Day 3

The sun was hot, hence the frown

yea i ddn't really get the idea behind the socks and mandals combo either

              the guy on the left was one of the models, he had no less than 4 facial peircings! had to take his picture

      Met this girl there, LOVE her skirt and her neck piece. i tink her name is tolu not really sure. Aaaanyway she has a fashion website with her friend (kike i think) and for some reason i can't seem to remember the name. so if you happen to know what it's called please write the link in my comments thanks!
                                  closer look at her necklace, bEAUtiful!

this is Dolapo, she's into fashion P.R.....i think. anyway she was really cool and friendly don't you just love her necklace?

Day 4

   This is busayo, love what she did to her hair with the ankara head wrap

                                                    This is Nina!

                         This is thelma one of my 'co-interns' she's too cute!

one thing i love about working in fashion you can wear almost anything and nobody even bats an eyelid e.g my white high waisted shorts.

Was bored and decided to drag my friends zainab and itunu down to mine for an impromptu amature fashion shoot in some of my creations. Here are a couple of pictures

Been busy busy working on lots of different stuff, more later! 
made this for one of my youngest clients, she's 16 and a bit of a tomboy and she's trying to mix her style up a little.
i'm guessing she could wear the top with jeans and then the skirt with a black top.



  1. YAY!! Love the tshirt. I want one :)

  2. Nice post! glad i found this blog!

    check out mine? I'm a photographer!


    If you want, follow it and I'll do the same.

  3. love the outfit,good job.. can c uve mastered d sewn to an art nw...

  4. love the outfit,good job.. can c uve mastered d sewn to an art nw...

  5. oh yeah! i've stumbled on d blog once,bt dnt av a link sorry....

  6. @ikeee thanx a lot lav,hopefully i'll get even better at it with practice.
    @brandon will def heck out ur blog

  7. @kelz ok sweetie i'll try to send u one.

  8. Love the pictures although some of them where hard to see cause of the size, anyway tolu has a blog/site called stylebyqueens >> stylebyqueens.co.uk ... love her blog plus I wish I made it for the Arise FW ... I keep missing it [anyway was in high school then] :)
    lovely blog and wish I could intern for anything to do with fashion. :)


  9. @abigail thanks a lot girl! it's not that hard to get a fashion internship you just need to be at a lot of fashion events so you can get to meet the right people.

  10. Love d blog,m a follower for life.like d red skinnies wiv d scarf belt d most,inovative.

  11. Just stumbled on ur blog yday and I absolutely love it. Keep up the good work!


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