Monday, 7 March 2011

Made by Me

Hi guys, i'm in a bit of a hurry as i'm working on a little project for 'the mentor' but these are a couple of pictures of one of the draped skirts i made, more pictures of the others later.

I wore it on saturday, pictures courtsey Issey.

This is my favorite picture because it's timeless, it looks like it could have even been taken in the 70's

Love the touch of rock the black shoe boots and the lace top gives the look.

This is the back i was feeling very  'Calatrava-ish' with myself.

Lace Top- Internacionale
Silk Draped skirt- Eznira
Bag- Aldo
Shoes- Atmosphere
White Gold Ring- Mamma Eznira
Decided to keep my hair natural for now, seeing as i actually have a whole lot of it!!!!

P.S Arise Fashion Week begins on thursday!!! I'm sooo excited. Been thinking it won't be a bad idea to work as an intern behind the scenes.....will let you guys know how that goes. Share


  1. be small mama eznira....loving the skirt...abeg make 4 me and add it to my tab...hehehe. u knw how we do it.

  2. @Kiki, my thoughts exactly, mama Eznira really cracked me up! but i'm loving it all.

  3. y is ur butt lookn so big rme.....when u make my own op it wld av d same effect lol!


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