Friday, 4 March 2011

Ez Weekly

(Had this post in my drafts since last week decided to merge it with my post for this week)

Last week was pretty bleh! i guess it's because i was expecting a call about a job and the call never came, anyway...

Finally finished making my miniature bodice, feeling very tired but victorious! Yay!

 Hooked up with my friend Kolu @ Mega, found this Fab store where they sell merchandise by Nigerian designers and they give a percentage of the proceeds to a children's charity. We were feeling a tad bored, i suggested that we go to bungalows to try out their sushi. What a 'WHEEIST'! they had this disgusting avocado paste thing on the side (gag worthy) the green stuff used to wrap the sushi smelled like 'moi moi' leaves sef. had to shower the sushi with tabasco sauce before i could eat it. Later realized the sushi was supposed to be dipped in a sauce...ignorance is bad sha. and yes there's no talk of sewing today because i stabbed lesson....bite me!

Woke up feeling out of sotrs. Still made it to school tho, good thing too. Learnt how to make a  draped/cowl skirt and since i'm slim it's the perfect skirt for me, giving me extra hips n tinz things. my 'mentor' agreed to give me one on one pattern drafting lessons on friday so i'm uber psyched about that!

I've been dreading this day for a year....feeling pretty wretched didn't sleep all night *sigh* Moving on, got to school super early today made m cowl skirt, yay! Super pruod of myself it looks awesome aand the tailoring is perfection (yes, letme psyche myself) ddn't leave till 7pm feeling like a couture nerd.

 Didn't wake up till 10am! at this time my mentor has been waiting for me for 60mins! if i had a gun, i swear i'd have shot myself. had to call in sick, n i hate lying because i always go overboard, dunno what possesed me to tell them i had laryngitis.

For the life of me i can't remember what i did yesterday! went for LPM today, was ok. I was still feeling down in the dumps about friday so i only purchased a couple of nick nacks. On the upside i met this really cool fabric supplier :D. I'm a nerd i know.

                            Some of the stuff i picked up, the fabric is from Designer's Muse

 Anyway my friend issey got back yesterday and we decided to get away from the Lagos mania and head to abuja for a couple of Days.

Pictures From abuja

                                                              Just about to take off

In the restroom of some eatery or the other, oh did i mention i have a thing for bathroom pictures?

                                               I love that abuja has minimal traffic!

We hooked up with my friend Kld, this is him and issey waking in front of me, i think they were tired of me acting like a tourist.

                         I like this Picture a lot, notice me and my hairpiece are practically inseperable?

Been back in Lagos since friday and apart from getting abit gaga about everything wrapped, draped or 'cowled' i'm taking things pretty easy, got ill in abuja drinking something called 'fura de nunu' sill feeling the effects.

P.S:- everyone seems to love these hair pieces, i have orders up to my ears. Seems like my accessories line isn't such a pipe dream afterall.



  1. Oochie Wally Wally, You did it at last. I actually remember the day you posted the link to the first one, but I was carried away by something else at the time. And didn't remember to go back. Hence Comment no. 1 start a mailing list (and reminders too) don't wait till we run into it on twitter and feel free to broadcast, I dey your back, no side , no back...I'm sure you get it. I have loads of other comments for you (I'll send a PIN msg shortly).

    Keep it coming dear.

  2. Yay!!! Gracias, glad u like the blog. got ur Pin message thanx for all the tips. i've replied so get back to me. xoxo

  3. Hey, babe, u are doing very well, I read everything and I'm super impressed! Its refreshing to see u pursue ur dream so boldly. Congrats!


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