Monday, 23 May 2011

The Eznira Clothes Swap and Vintage Fair

Getting tired of your own clothes? Ever wondered what it would be like to raid someone else’s fab wardrobe? Well here’s your chance

I'll be having a Swap Shindig on the 12th of June.
 In addition to this seeing as vintage is all the rage, there'l also be a vintage stand where my swappers can purchase all things vintage! I'm really excited as i've been thinking of having one of these for ages but people kept discouraging me by saying it wouldn't work here in Nigeria. aaaaanyway!

This is how it works, each person drops off a minimum of 5 items from their wardrobes with one of our reps before or on the swap date.( Feel free to bring your parents fabulous clothes from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s to swap too).
Swapping is FREE, and there will be seamstresses at the fair to assist if clothes need altering. (this service is not free)
If you have not donated items you will not be eligible to swap but you can still buy stuff from our vintage stand.

So alot of people have asked me questions about the Swap,  i'm just going to clear up a few things
1: you get to swap as many items as you bring, so if you bring 10 you swap for 10
2: for this edition swapping is just for girls.
3:Yes you will find clothes that fit you because i already have people from size 6 to size16 who will be swapping
4: Items are 'interswapable', so the fact that you bring bags doesn't mean you can't swap them for tops.
5: I cant sress this enough please ensure that the clothes you bring are not worn out or dirty. Letme put it this way, don't bring what you can't collect.
6: If you can't get your things to us before the swap date, we will still accept them on that day.

If you have anymore questions, Please leave a comment here or email me. thanx guys! 




  1. Do the clothes we bring to swap have to be vintage too?

  2. Such refreshing idea, hope its well received and managed! I hope to work with u on something cos u are a think-tank n i love it!

  3. @busola, no the clothes don't have to be vintage.
    @omasan; thanx luv,wheneva u'r ready to collaborate let me know


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