Saturday, 18 June 2011

What i Wore This week

This week was extra stressful, i now have a new found respect for all designers. Putting together a collection even a mini one such as mine isn't beans and the weather in lagos is soo  not helping, needless to say i'm not a fan of rain. It messes up my hair and ruins my shoes and makes me want to stay in bed all day.. aaanyway this is what i wore this week, so proud of myself i didn't wear black even once ! :D


 Green Cami- Clothes Swap
Ankara flared skirt- Eznira
Croc skin Wedges- cynthia vincent
Tiger Print gold bracelets - Diva House of Accessories
Gold Hoops- Mama eznira

had alot of meetings on thurday plus i had to to visit the market hence the flats

this picture is the height of 'bluriness' but i like it for some reason. 
Jacket:- Dorothy Perkins
Tank- Random
Jeggings: Denim Co
silver Flats:

 I've had these jeans for about four years and only started wearing them in january, mum got them on a trip to dubai and at the time i thought only a crazy person would wear RED skinnies. lol

was feeling extra cute with myself on tuesday hehe
top: random
Highwaisted red jeans:- gift from dubai
Blue sandals: Primark
scarf: mama eznira
ribbon necklace: eznira

                       This shirt actually belonged to my dad once upon a time :) and yea i know im wearing my jeggings again but theyr just so comfy

Shirt:- Dad's
Tank: random
Jeggings: Denim Co
Red pumps; primark
Vintage inspired necklace and bracelet: Nibrands

P.S. sorry the pictures are grainy obviously i need a new camera

pictures taken by mama eznira


  1. loving the first dress

  2. hahaha! u've finally started rocking the nevilles (red jeans) love the outfit. love u :)

  3. I loved all outfits..
    The one with the red jeans is my fave. Ur momma took all this pictures? Wowzers! How nice of her.!! My momma would given me the look,taken one or two pictures and throw the camera on the floor cus of impatience. LMFAO.!

  4. @kiki: thanx luv

    @ kelz: yes oh,I jst tried them on one day n all of a sudden they whr making sense

    @ onyinye:- thanx! trust me in the beginning she wasn't finding it funny but by friday she was getting on her knees to get better shots! Lol


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