Sunday, 19 June 2011

.....lounging Pants or as i call them jammies!

                                                                     This Morning

Had a lot of cleaning to do , so i put on my fave white shirt and my denim cutoffs. Covered my hair turban style because of the dust. My mum spent the whole morning giving me the 'side-eye'. lol

White shirt- Dad
denim Cut offs - Bebe
Tribal skin scarf - Random

Well as much as i was loving the sexy housewife look, those cut offs are pretty tight and 'camel toe' inducing so i decided to change. and i stumbled on the perfect jammie pants! My brother's ankara bottoms! theyr comfy, roomy plus they have pockets! the beautiful part is i think one size fits all. i actually made these pants for him a while ago had no idea they'd come in so handy. Dont even want to imagine what he'l do to me when he gets My top also belonged to him once upon a time till i revamped it :D

Top: Brothers own
                Ankara Jammies- brother's own
Watch- Moschino
                     Wrist bands- bought at lagos market

                   p.s: i'll probably be adding my own variation of jammies to my mini-collection. xxx


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