Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Keyword:- comfort

i have got to be the worst blogger(dare i evn call myself a blogger?) ever! I have sooo many posts in my drafts but finding time to edit and put them up is just the problem. Started a new fashion job which i'm really psyched about , so you'll be hearing a lot of stuff about that in subsequent posts.
anyway this is what i wore last week. Keyword: Comfort, as my job entails a lot of running around.


                      hung out with my friend chika after work was uber tired.
  Jacket - revamped
   jeans - denim co 

was feeling pretty super modelish with myself

Crotchet sleeveless top - collectibles
Paisley print silk top - random
Blue Jeggings -Denim co

this t shirt is one of my favorites but i've been getting a bit tired of it so i decided to add some 'holes' to give it more character.

t shirt - random
jeans- denim co
wrist bands- some from Lpm
gold safety pin - mama eznira
owl ring- got from oyinda of

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