Sunday, 22 January 2012

January Sales: ZARA

Ok so I promised I wasn't going to buy anything this month, I'm supposed to be saving up for a holiday but oh well I couldn't resist, walked into zara to get just the bag. I fell in love with it, after seeing it on Shirley's Blog but they had loads of items on sale so I ended up walking out with the cardigan and the shoes as well. tsk tsk
Carried this bag for like a week before I realised the flap was a cover as well  X_X

My friend and I got this cardigan love it, it's so warm, I wear it instead of a coat most of the time.

Green shoes finally!!! :D

and they are super comfortable.

Uni is just so stressful, plus I have to get a reliable person to take my pictures but I promise to blog more often! Have an awesome week ahead!! xoxo . . . Kelz Share

Sunday, 15 January 2012


Hey guys we have a guest blogger!

Hello, my name’s Zainab Quadri. I’m an Architect/ Interior designer/ Events Planner.
A couple of days ago, I decided to add ‘blogging’ to the list of my New Year resolutions. And so, when I told  Chechi about it, I was pretty excited when she asked me to be a guest blogger on her blog for abit before I finally start mine, just to ‘test the waters’.

I’m simply going to show how sometimes what we wear or our fashion sense relates to our environment i.e where we live and how sometimes the spaces we live in are inspired by fashion trends.

The monochromes


Black and white will never go out of style. This classic combination has endless possibilities when used in interiors...whether the design style is traditional, modern, eclectic, sophisticated - black and white will work!



    Using one color in different shades can make a room pop! When well done, a room can have a uniqueness about them even if the color is beige.

Color Blocking


Colors! Colors!! Colors!!! I just love when different complimentary colors are used in spaces. They can bring any space to life when used in the right way.

The Animal prints


I love when animal prints are used as accent pieces in different spaces. As long as they aren’t used in excess, they can be very classy.

Hope you learnt abit from this post.

Friday, 13 January 2012

DIY : Black ruffle Bib Necklace

. I dont know if you guys know what has been going on in Nigeria, but we've had a nation wide strike since Monday protesting the removal of Fuel subsidy(i.e fuel prices have practically doubled). I've been going crazy with boredom as i havnt been allowed to join the protests.
Decided to do my 1st DIY project of the year and it turned out FAB! I can't wait to rock it with a pristine white shirt

the pleated chiffon ruffle i used was gotten from the collar of my mum's old shirt but you can find similar materials at your local haberdashery
once you've attached the ruffle to the ribbon you can procede to sew or glue on stones, bows and buttons  with reckless abandon :D
Check it out!!!!!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Salon Style

Cynthia Rowley scarf and Gucci marola sandals

Got my hair done on Saturday, I.HATE.IT. it's probably just new hair syndrome though, we'll see. i wanted to be super casual for the salon, but I decided to accessorize a bit which was a good thing because some people were actually wearing heels in Salon. o_O Perhaps they were going to a wedding after getting their hair done? 

Newlook rings on right hand and Random ring on left

Dorothy Perkins blouse, Suzy Smith bag, identity wristwatch, Carolina Herrera sunglasses, random ring

Leaving Lagos tomorrow :( have a blessed week ahead :*


Buttoned up

I have a love - hate attitude towards the fact that i work Saturdays. Anyway this is what i wore to work yesterday. I've been loving the buttoned up look for a while now as it's a great way to show of statement necklaces.

I'm so fly! lol

paired my shirt with a denim skirt i had forgotten about till yesterday.

whenever i wear short stuff to work i always try to keep my top half covered up, although to be honest if i had known i'd be visiting Balogun market later in the day i'd have skipped the short skirt all together.

Caught up with kelz after work for a movie and drinks. We watched the movie Real Steel. It was AWESOME!!! and Hugh Jackman is such a Hotttie!

Black shirt - H&M
Denim Skirt - Can't remember
Burgundy Brogues - 
Sterling silver Necklace - Vintage
Wrist bands - Silly bands + bracelets from my Yaba lady.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Orange Blossoms

Shopping in my sister's closet is so much fun! Found this chiffon orange top yesterday. im going to be so sad when she goes back. I toned it down for work with gold tipped nude flats and black pants, had a date after work so decided to jst swap the pants and flats for a body-con skirt and heels.

Nude flats - New Look
Black pants - River Island
Orange top -  zara
Wrist beads - my yaba lady

i'm so proud of how long my hair has grown, just hope i haven't ruined it with all my hair dye.

Orange ring - Aldo
Tiger ring - New Look
Gold and black bracelet - Vintage.
Black bandagee skirt - Forever 21
Tan bag - can't remember

P.s-  I guess we i should think about taking my christmas decorations down, seeing as christmas is over
all pictures where taken by Kelz


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year, New me.

                                                            Happy New Year!!!
                                         I have 5 new year's resolutions this year

1) Be a better blogger and try to put up a least 3posts a week.

2) Quit procastinating. I have so many planned projects and ideas that havn't seen the light of day and my excuse is usually the fact that i work 6 sometimes 7 days a week.

3) Work less,Travel more. I swear i worked like crazy last year it was insane. I only left Lagos thrice all year, and one of those times was even work related.

4) Network more. I get invited to quite a lot of events but most times i'd rather just stay home, not very productive behavior considering the industry i'm in.

5) This one is kind of personal. lets just say it has to being better with my relationships with people.

              Here are a couple of pictures from last year i found in my drafts that never made it to proper posts.

  Fedora- H&M
white tee- random
pink jeans - denim co
black sneakers - cant remember
black necklace - divas
 silver earring worn as ring - retrospective
watch - moschino

                                                                     tank top - random
shorts- mango
Jelly shoes - miss selfridge
raffia hat - bought on the beach

white shirt - dad's
grey pants - river island
pearl nexklace - divas 
jellly shoes - miss selfridge
watch - Moschino


Sunday, 1 January 2012

My Christmas - Kelz

Lagos once a year is just not enough for me at all but i have managed to make every day count.

EZNIRA CLOTHES SWAP - 18th of December
Fun! fun! fun! Got gorgeous things.

VIBES AND STITCHES - 21st of December
I actually have no words to describe this show. i was speechless and not in a good way. Well at least i met some of my secondary school friends (Victoria and Kofo) which was a pleasant surprise as i hadn't seen them since we graduated.
kofo, Victoria, Ruemu, Saida, Uju (left - right)

RHYTHM UNPLUGGED - 23rd of December
After like 5hrs, the show finally started.Flavor, NaetoC, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, Psquare and Davido killed it!!!

CHRISTMAS-EVE PARTY - 24th of December
Our family friend's birthday is on the 24th so they have a big party every year, it was great, good food and everythang! they even had a Choir come to the house to sing carols. LAVLAY!

CHRISTMAS DAY - 25th of December
Unlike the years before, it was very chilled fun day with good food, Uchechi's friends came over. They had me rolling with their jokes.

BOXING DAY!! - 26th of December
It was also my mum's 60th birthday whoop!! whoop!!

blouse- Dorothy Perkins, skirt- Jane Norman, Shoes - Newlook bag - Suzy Smith

KOKO CONCERT and THE NAKED CONVOS 3 - 27th of December
 TNC was quite interesting! as for koko concert for me, it was crap! Tiwa, Naeto c and Davido were great as usual, but Dbanj? i really didn't get what he was doing on the stage to be honest.

Naeto killing it!

Hope y'all had a Merry Christmas! :*